Questions to Ask When Dating or Making a New Friend

Evil people don't always look like scary monsters - sometimes they can come to us as being sweet and innocent. Now when I meet someone who seems to be perfect, I instantly become suspicious because no one is perfect.

These are some questions to ask yourself when that "perfect" person comes into your life...

-Do they have a good relationship with family/friends? (If they don't, this is a red flag)

-Are they always blaming their problems on others? (If they do, this is a red flag)

-What are they trying to get from me, and why?

-Why do they need me to get what they want? Why can't they do it themselves?

-Do they claim to have financial problems, health problems, ect. without providing evidence?

-Do the stories they tell add up?

-Do they get angry, or ignore me when I question the stories they tell me?

-How long have I known this person, and is our relationship/friendship moving too fast? (If you've known this person less than a year and you're already becoming extremely intimate, take it as a red flag.)

-Do I feel often guilty when I'm around this person? (Guilt is the number one emotion manipulators want you to feel.)

-Do they pressure me into doing things I really don't want to do? (If someone really loves or cares about you, they don't make you do things that make you unhappy or uncomfortable.)

-Does this person often overwhelm me with attention, only to randomly withdraw from me for periods of time? (If they do this, it's because they're trying to make you question yourself and make you dependent on them.)

-When they come back to me from withdrawing, do they always have an excuse that makes me feel sorry for them? (Manipulators always have the perfect excuse.)


  1. Gosh. Thanks for this article. Its a gold mine. Seriously


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